Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Love Daylight Savings

Every year we have this wonderful time of changing our clocks. For me, it allows me to have longer sunlight to do some of the things that I love best. One of those favorites in my life is going on bike rides in the afternoon. It tends to be a little warmer.

Well, last weekend my friends went to Moab and I wanted to go on a ride after work on Saturday. Got off work, drove home changed my clothes, threw my bike up on my car and took off. Drove up to Legacy Parkway to do a 3o mile out and back. I love this route because I can visit with Blair, Jody, Nate, Piper and Brody. They always bring a great smile to my face so off I went. It was exactly 5:45pm when I started.

I made it to Blair and Jodi's (15.1 miles) in one hour and one minute. I wanted to do it in an hour or under but it was good. Arrived there at 6:46. We chatted for awhile, Blair fixed my drink holder and I started heading back. When I put on my sunglasses it seemed a little dark. I kindly rejected an offer from the Searle's to take me back to my car. "No worries, it's daylight savings time."

Off I went to head back to the Legacy Parkway. I hit the Frontrunner Station in Farmington which means there are about 10 miles left, and the sun had gone down but it was still dusk. Now worries, it is daylight savings.

About 10 minutes later it was pitch dark. Now I am worried, "What happened to daylight savings time?"

Long story short, I made it back to my car thanks to lots of praying and some fast riding. It took me 56 minutes to ride back. That was a good improvement on my time going there. I guess when you ride in fear, you push yourself. Time finished? 8:49 I was in the car with the doors locked and the heater blaring. I did the 30 miles in 1hr 57minutes. AWESOME

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